Eliane Alves


At Eliane Alves Catering, we offer different levels of services, from preparing family meals at clients’ homes to cooking and delivering freshly made meals from our own kitchen. Our catering company can attend families of any size, as well parties, where we organize, manage and cater any type and size of events.
We’re always trying to fulfill our client’s preferences as far as their different diets or healthy goals, fitting ourselves into our client’s needs. We are always open to discuss with our clients what they need such as a special healthy diet, allergies or medical conditions.
We can prepare and provide breakfast, lunch or dinner in everyday basis. You can plan ahead a small menu and we will prepare and deliver the meals to you on a weekly basis. Besides cooking, we can also assist you with your grocery shopping needs.Eliane Alves Catering is licensed and insured by Florida State and certified in food handling and safety. You can contact us at any time and, it will be our pleasure to meet you in person to further discuss any details about our services.